Elementals 2

Previously: Amanda Sefton performed a magical ritual hoping to obtain more power. What she got was four elemental creatures standing in front of her. She finds out they are her serfs and then Amanda's mother, Margali attacked. Confronted with the fact that she couldn't take the figurines, Margali left, but not without taking a magical ring.


By Fransico Araujo da Costa

"Ok, doctor. Now what?"

"Now you command them."

"But I have no idea of what to do."

"You will find what to do. But how did you manage to drive away your mother? In our two confrontations I had to battle her. You say you convinced her?"

"Yes. I told her she could not take the beings because they now had free will. And she bought it!* (* last issue – do-you-remember-it Francisco)"

"Ms. Sefton, if they absorbed the figurines, they now do have free will, sentience and feelings."

"But I can... I say seat they seat. It hasn't changed a bit. You cannot see this, but I'll test it."

"Actually, I am seeing it."

"Ok. Anyway." Amanda isn't surprised Doctor Strange can see her. The Sorcerer Supreme can do things that make her wonder how come she has so little powers. She turns at the elementals and says "Seat. Stand. Fake dead. Roll over." then again directing her words to Doctor Strange: "See? They obey me."

"Yes, but they are still developing all this capacities. And Ms. Sefton..."

"Yes, doctor?"

"Do not lie to your mother ever again. This time you said the truth, probably subconsciously led by your few studies," and this last part Strange just said sounded like a teacher reprehending a student, even though he bound and gagged Amanda when she tried to become her disciple (there were extenuating circumstances) "but next time she will know you're lying. Good luck, Ms. Sefton, and goodbye."

She hangs up the phone, blessing whatever goddesses she believes in that the sorcerer supreme has a phone number. But there are more urgent matters at hand.

"What are you watching?"

They don't answer. Earth and Water are sitting on the floor while Fire and Wind hang motionless mid-air, almost touching the ceiling. They are very much apart from each other: Water, Fire and Earth for a sort of triangle with Air in the middle. Or at least she thinks Air is in the middle. How can you know where Air is? And they were supposed to work together... She has to know what have they been watching. She looks at the TV and sees it's a cartoon. They are like human kids, fascinated by the television. And it's probably shaping their personality. "Less than a day and I'm already an absent mother", thinks Amanda. She has not a clue as of what to do, though.

"How long have you been watching it?"

Again no answer. She stands in front of the television and asks it again.

"Hey!", reacts Fire.

"I don't know, Amanda. How would we know?" Earth has been the one to listen better to her lately.

"The clock on the wall..."

"The what?" asks Water, making an effort to look behind Amanda.

"The round thing with two pointers and a glass cover. What were the pointers like?"

"Oh, that. That's what it is. The pointers were opposite each other, one at the lowest and the other at the highest."

Five hours. They had been watching Saturday morning cartoons since they started at six o'clock and hadn't stepped away from the telly since. They were like human children in ways one would not want them to be. She'd better check just what shows were on while they were watching. But how? She hadn't bought newspapers for days.

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to present you this live coverage of..."


"Where did Fire learn that?", wonders Amanda.

"... the terrorist seizure of the Peter U. Crestmore Museum of Fine Art. They demand the immediate liberation of three fellow terrorists in Northern Ireland. As you can see by the archive pictures we show here, they have in their possession not only hostages, but invaluable works of art as well."

"Shoot. That vase they showed in the shots has arcane symbols in it. If they steal it, they'll sell it and it might fall on the wrong hands. Or worse, if they don't steal it, mother could do it easily and nobody would know. Look, you four aregoing to..."

"But the most interesting fact of this events has been that the terrorist claim to have the 'Superadapter' at their side. it is unknown if they are all metahumans, but said... hum, the 'Superadaptoid' actually, I've just been told. It is unknown if he is real or not, but the weapons the pointed at my head right now are, I guarantee. Stay tuned to Channel 9 as we bring news on my kidnapping."

"Oh, no! They have the Superadaptoid. If I remember well the Excalibur files on him, he can mimic superpowers. I'll need help in this one."

She looks at the four staring at her. For once in history of time there actually exist children who 'need discipline, orders, command' and thrive on 'good adult that tells them what to do'.

"You guys. You'll go with me."

Meanwhile, inside a large studio at Channel 9, anyone that approaches a determined corner of the room has his/her hairdo undone by a mysterious draft.

Outside the museum, atop a rooftop Amanda and the elementals plan.

"OK. Here's the plan: Earth and Water will go inside the museum while Fire distracts the terrorists from the vase. I'll pretend to attack the Superadaptoid. Air will stay here and watch our backs. When Earth and Water get the vase, I teleport us out."

"I'm not going with Water."

"I'm not sure I can distract them."

"Aren't we going to really stop the terrorists?"

"It's the Superadaptoid. He gave the Avengers troubles. We wouldn't be able to..."

"She's right" says Fire."

"But, Amanda..."

"Fine, Earth. We'll really defeat them. Fire and Water get inside and... "

"NO! I'm not going with Fire." If Water could make a face like Earth can it would look terrified. "He'll hurt me."

"No, he won't."

"He will. I won't go with him." And now it would be pouting.

"Fine," she is getting irritated and having second thoughts about this "Earth and Fire go in, Air distracts them, and Water stays here to watch our backs while I defeat the Superadaptoid. Do you agree with this?"

"Air isn't here."

"What?! Call him."

"We can't. We don't know where he is." Why was her always the last to know?

"Bloody hell. We all go in then and get this over with fast. Then we look for Air. Ready?"


As said, the four rush to the museum (each enters through a window) and the human terrorists are immediately and easily subdued. The Superadaptoid turns to the four while the reporter runs away as fast as he can from the building.

"Oh, they sent me superfools. Don't they know what I can do? You four don't stand a chance."

Our star-characters (I refuse to call a band of slaves and a mystic who wasn't even trying to defeat the bad guys a band of "heroes". Live with it.) stand battle-ready. Amanda, remember she once wanted to do this full-time. How can Kurt do this every day of his life? Hopefully the Superadaptoid won't try to mimic her powers; he would become really dangerous with magical abilities.

"You, rock creature, will be the first to go down. I'll just mimic your abil... what is happening? Why am I not able to do it. I'm fully functional. That defect was corrected. It can't be happening again*. (* Fantastic Four 336 - fond-of-Acts of Vengeance Francisco)

Earth's 'face' brightens up for a second. He rapidly turns his body into a giant mallet and pounds the Superadaptoid. It falls on the ground, apparently unconscious, but a better term would be "needing repairs". Amanda goes up to the vase with the three following her. She reads the writings on the vase:

"Ryap fuoe ewou vsor ew fgwreho dsfnoe..." (I'm not translating this, guys!)

When she pronounces the last words of the inscriptions the vase seems shine for a second and they vanish in thin air.

The police enters the museum minutes later and find only the terrorists and the Superadaptoid lying on the floor.

Let's get a peek of Air's mind, shall we? He's inside the Underground Nightclub.

"Man, this is so cool. I get to dance, fly and even do the Macarena and nobody screams. And Earth said I shouldn't go out without asking Amanda. What a loser."

"Maybe I should stay more compact and all. Nobody's looking at me."

This moment, Air becomes a whirlwind in humanoid form. He dances, but that's not quite what the dancers take he is doing. When the first one sees him, he screams. All the other costumers follow his lead run away, some tripping and stepping at each other, some so fast I couldn't catch a glimpse of them so I could tell you how they got out.

But the end of the scene I caught: an empty room, and a desire from an elemental that he could cry.

What the f**k is happening here?"

Amanda never swears. Really, she doesn't. But this time she had her reasons to: a humanoid shark holding bouquet of flowers is threatening three dozen doppelgangers of Nightcrawler in a corner that looked like the doll of himself Kurt gave her. More than that, he is threatening them with the bouquet. He hasn't noticed her yet, but she doesn't know what do.

The three elementals with her, meanwhile, feel like they are inside one of the cartoons they were watching early in the morning.

The shark-like man feels the presence of someone else in the room and yells:

"Guardsssss, ssssseize these intruderssss!"

When she hears that she remembers a story told her once, of time he was magically transported to a dimension where a human shark who was a sorcerer menaced creatures like him*. He made such a funny impersonation of the sorcerer that she never forgot it. Kurt made up some stories, but this was not one of his jokes. She had to remember fast all the details of the story to get out of there, but the memory was blurry: she remembered more Kurt leaping and teleporting around and tickling her with his tail more than what he was talking. (* the first Nightcrawler mini - were-there-any-others Francisco)

But that was something to think about later. Right now, they had to escape the clutches of... what did Kurt call him again? Sharkred? Jawgreen? Shagreen!

"Let's get outta here, guys."

They start to run. Shagreen hasn't even turned back to see who they were, so into getting the bamfs ("that's also the name of my doll. Kurt...") he was, but the guards, incredibly stupid creatures that seemed humanoid warthogs dressed in pseudo-viking clothing (I'm not making it up! go read the mini! - Francisco), they were running after them with their spears and stones.

"Fire, throw a fire ball at them!"

Fire obeys, but the fireball is incredibly puny and barely burns up the clothes of one of the guards. Amanda wonders: "Why is Fire being so weak? Strange says he gave the Torch a run for his money* and now he couldn't throw a fireball to knock out a few guards. After this was over, if it ever was over, either Strange or Fire would have some explaining to do. (* Fantastic Four 232 - Byrne-geek Francisco)

They run as fast they can and jump out as Earth crashes the door. Unfortunately, as they find out, the palace is hovering in the sky and they start free-falling.

Back on Earth, Spain to be more precise, a gypsy by the name of Juana Montez (basically: her mother read her father'sfuture in his palm, then put his palm somewhere other than her pocket, her grandfather forced the marriage after she was too big for her mother to hide with loose clothes, she was born, one thing led to another and now she is here in the middle of our story) is preparing dinner at her home.

A sudden draft whistles at her windows and the wind blows open the door. A woman steps out of the shadows: Margali. Juana sees her and recognises her. You don't deal with Juana does without hearing some stories, and Margali of the Windy Ways is a part of many of them in her mother's family.

Juana immediately rushes to her bedroom, but falls dead on the ground. Margali walks up to her and gets one of her earrings and vanishes.

Have I ever told you, dear reader, that of the four free-falling here only Fire can fly and he can't hold any of the others.

"No panic!" Amanda yells it, but she's starting to panic herself. Kurt or Brian or someone else would be able to get her out of this unharmed. She used to be able to fly, but that was with the ring her mother stole and she never bothered to learn the enchantments to levitate.

"Fire! Make the air beneath the other three of us hotter! We'll float!"

"Not me!" yells Water.

Fire starts to do it, but Amanda knows that'll only by her time until she falls on the ground. By the way, where is the ground? There's gravity, but she can't spot the source of it. Maybe it's far, but it's there and, if she isn't smashed by one of the rocks hovering in her way, she'll probably find terra firma.

But... Captain Colossus is there for the rescue! Still floating from Fire's effort to stop the fall, she lands safely on the pirate ship. Water is already there, having not tried to float. Why? It's probably afraid to evaporate. As for the ship, it's flying, but it looks like it was made to cross the seas. Why is that? More importantly, where is Earth?

She doesn't have time to think much about it, though. As Colossus is approaching to greet the stranger a layer of dust covers everybody. It's Earth. He starts to reform himself in a corner. For some reason, it's opposite to the corner of the ship where Water is. Why is that they all avoid each other when they should be together? Amanda can't help to wonder all those things.

Proper introductions are made: Amanda tells them her name, who the three with her are and tells them she dated Nightcrawler ("the oversized Bamf?") and knew about them from him telling her about his trip to their dimension. She only had one doubt, though.

"Where's Pirate Kitty?"

"McGurk took Katya. He's our rival, the bastard. We're going after him today."

"Right. And wasn't this ship supposed to cross the seas?"

"Look beside you."

Amanda does and what she sees now is really weird. The ship is just a regular ship, but it's built on a dragon the size of Blackbird.

"That's Lockheed,bastard. We're going after him today."

"Right. And wasn't this ship supposed to cross the seas?"

"Look beside you."

Amanda does and what she sees now is really weird. The ship is just a regular ship, but it's built on a dragon the size of Blackbird.

"That's Lockheed, Ms. Sefton."

"Huh, ok. Now, exactly how do I get out of here?"

"Out of what?"

"This dimension."

"I do not know."

"Great. We'll try to get out of here soon. But I'll help you rescue Kitty. She was a friend of mine back on my dimension. When we get to this McGurk fellow…"

"That won't be necessary."

"Why not?"


Captain Colossus points to something behind her: a flying sailboat.

"No problem, I'll just…"

She looks better and sees the sailboat has magic shields; her attacks would be useless. More than that, McGurk's sailboat has really big guns. From the distance she hears McGurk's voice:



To be continued….