You may gather from this the sort of books I like. If I am missing a book you think I'd like, or one in a series, feel free to recommend/sell it to me.

Author   Title   ISBN
Akutagawa, Ryuunosuke   Three Japanese Short Stories (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3974-9
Berry, Wendell   Why I am Not Going to Buy a Computer (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3756-1
Bickerton, Anthea   American English, English American   978-0-9029-2060-6
Blabey, Aaron   Pig the Pug   933-0-3030-0309-7
Borges, Jorge Luis   The Garden of Forking Paths (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3905-3
Camus, Albert   Create Dangerously (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3912-1
Douglas, John & Olshaker, Mark   Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit   978-1-7874-6061-4
Ginsberg, Allen   Television Was a Baby Crawling Toward That Deathchamber
(Penguin Modern)
Kafka, Franz   The Trial / Der Prozess (Popular Penguins)   978-0-1411-9471-4
King Jr, Martin Luther   Letter from Birmingham Jail (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3946-6
Lem, Stanislav   The Three Electro-Knights (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3939-8
Orwell, George   Notes on Nationalism (Penguin Modern)   978-0-2413-3956-5
Scholastic   Pokemon: Alola Region Basics
Pokemon: Alola Region Beginner's Handbook
Smith, Craig & Cowley, Katz   The Wonky Donkey   933-0-3030-0304-2
Snider, Brandon   Avengers Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest Vol.1: The Beginning   978-1-7429-9510-6
Vaughn, Marcia & Lofts, Pamela   Wombat Stew   933-0-3030-0303-5