Penguin Modern

In 2018, Penguin released a collection of 50 books, retailing for 1 each in the UK - $2.50 here in Australia. According to Penguin:

" Each little book in the Penguin Modern series offers a concentrated hit of its author’s work. From complete stories to essays and speeches to poems, these books celebrate the groundbreaking writers who today define the radical spirit of Penguin Modern Classics. "

... so I decided to read them all. It's an ambitious feat.

Before commencing the read-through, I had already read 01, 00 and 00.

Commencement Date: 06 November 2018
Completion Date: TBD

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Number Title Author ISBN Read-Date Booko
01 Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King, Jr 978-0-2413-3946-6 Pre-read-through Buy
02 Television Was a Baby Crawling Toward that Deathchamber Allen Ginsberg 978-0-2413-3762-2 10 Nov 2018 Buy
50 Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer Wendell Berry 978-0-2413-3756-1 08 Nov 2018 Buy