Last updated: 28 September 2018

This page is my not-entirely-complete bibliography. It will be added to over time. Purchase links go to Amazon, generally - I am not affiliated with them and gain no extra money for linking to them. Feel free to purchase from your retailer of choice, it makes no difference to me. Booko links to, where Australians can find the best price from a number of retailers. Again, no benefit comes to me from this.

Publisher Series Volume / Issue Title ISBN Buy links
Artifice Comics Anthology2 - Cultural Warfare 978- Amazon Booko
  Bento Box 21 Shieldsman: Prelude Pt1 - Amazon Booko
  Bento Box 22 Shieldsman: Prelude Pt2
Arrow: Don't Get Caught
  Amazon Booko
Mysteria Press Psychopomp Vol.1     Amazon Booko
  Psychopomp Psychobilly     Amazon Booko
Particle Surge
Astonishing Adventures Vol.1 Not My Fucking World 978- Amazon Booko
  Burst 2 Inhuman - Amazon Booko
  Burst 5 Wor(l)ds - Amazon Booko
  Chace Hunter:
The Red Letter Syndicate
Vol.1   978- Amazon Booko
  Guardian Force Roboman Vol.1   978- Amazon Booko
  Guardian Force Roboman Complete Collection   978- Amazon Booko
  Mazimum Wattage Vol.1 - 978- Amazon Booko