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Blends and Digraphs Vowels Complex Consonants Inflected Endings and Syllable Juncture Unaccented Final Syllables Affixes Reduced Vowels in Unaccented Syllables Greek and Latin Elements Assimilated Prefixes -
1. switch sw i tch              
2. smudge sm u dge              
3. trapped tr     pped            
4. scrape   a-e scr              
5. knotted   o kn tted            
6. shaving sh     ving            
7. squirt   ir squ              
8. pounce   ou ce              
9. scratches   a tch es            
10. crater cr     t er          
11. sailor   ai     or          
12. village       ll age          
13. disloyal   oy     al dis        
14. tunnel       nn el          
15. humor*       m or          
16. confidence           con fid      
17. fortunate         ate     fortun    
18. visible           ible   vis    
19. circumference           ence   circum    
20. civilization*             liz civil    
21. monarchy               arch    
22. dominance           ance min      
23. correspond             res   rr  
24. illiterate         ate       ll  
25. emphasize*           size pha      
26. opposition             pos   pp  
27. chlorine           ine   chlor    
28. commotion           tion     mm  
29. medicinal         al     medic    
30. irresponsible           ible res   rr  
31. succession           sion     cc  
* - US spelling Spell Check (vowel patterns) SC (beg. con)
SC (end. con)
Spell Check - - - - -  

Why are there no Spell Checks for the late SA and the DR features?
None have been created by the program authors. If you want me to make some, let me know.

Why are there missing DR sorts?
Some DR sorts are missing because you need to make a judgement about what caused the error and teach accordingly. There is no sort for the pattern "fid"; the error the student made in the spelling will direct you to the sort you need (in this case, it would very likely be a short-vowel sort from WWP - the student likely put an "e" or a "u" between the "f" and "d"). It may be more approrpriate for your student to examine the etymology of the word - "fid" (Latin fido = trust; in English words such as confide and affidavit). There are blank sorts, or I can make some for you.


Upper Spelling Inventory Feature Guide

Clicking a language feature will take you to the first sort which features this language feature. This may not be the most appropriate one for your learners amd does not consider picture sorts.

Clicking a Spell Check link will take you to the spell check which features this language feature at that spelling stage. This can be used to better determine the sort you need.

Clicking the feature at the top of a column will take you to the index of sorts for that unit at that spelling stage, to find other sorts which may be of use to your learners. Sorts for some features spread across units.