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FileSort 19 - Short -a and long -a (CVCe, CVVC -ai and open-syllable -ay).pdf2022-06-07 12:21 320k
FileSort 20 - Short -o and long -o (CVCe, CVVC -oa and open sylable -ow).pdf2022-06-07 12:21 332k
FileSort 21 - Short -u and long -u (open syllable -ew and -ue).pdf2022-06-07 12:21 324k
FileSort 22 - Short -i and long -i (CVCe, CVCC -igh and CV open syllable -y).pdf2022-06-07 12:21 328k
FileSort 23 - Short -i and long -i (VCC) with short -o and long -o (VCC).pdf2022-06-07 12:21 328k
FileSort 24 - Review of long-vowel patterns.pdf2022-06-07 12:21 336k
FileSpell Check 04 - Assessment for less common long-vowel patterns.pdf2022-06-07 12:21 320k
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